I find the following statement quite compelling: Self-awareness precedes self-repair. By that I mean we truly benefit in our own personal journey towards evolving awareness and overall healing when we become aware of the nature of reality.

Wisdom about the way the universe works: the value of kindness, compassion, the pursuit of peace and happiness, leads us to healing. A balanced mind & spirit promote physical well-being.

It is also true that all healing is ultimately ‘self-healing’. The body is ultimately the source of its own repair.  Medical and spiritual assistance is necessary but the final pathway to healing requires that the mechanisms of healing  remain intact. All the antibiotic therapy that exists will not be effective if the patient has a defective immune system. The same applies to spiritual and emotional turmoil. The underlying foundation for healing must be at least present in its basic rudimentary forms.

But…..I have come to believe that it is almost impossibly to heal ourselves alone.  We are inherently such social beings that we do need other people. We may regard ourselves as ‘rugged individualists’ who can function quite well alone.  But I don’t believe that.

Why is ‘solitary confinement’ considered the harshest form of punishment?  Even the most hardened, sociopath fears being without contact with other human beings.

So, it is ultimately, I believe, human contact, human feeling, shared sentiments and concern that is responsible for the energy behind much of what we know as healing.

Healers will reveal the truth that they, themselves, are healed by any act of healing.  There is no greater source of my own happiness than hearing from a patient that my efforts resulted in their well-being. And don’t we all gain more from acts of kindness to others than they themselves receive?

In truth, however, I am referring to the nature of love which activates this healing.  It is not necessarily human love.  The power of pets to promote physical and emotional healing is well known.  Animals, nature, the sensed presence of those who have passed on–all are capable of activating our intrinsic healing capacities.

So is healing truly self-healing ?  Only in part.  Rather, all healing is mutual healing.  Of that I have no doubt.


Much has been written and spoken of in the ‘new thought’ movement about being present in the moment. Of course there is much wisdom in such a concept especially because we have a powerful tendency not to do so.

Our minds seem to automatically dwell on past problems or race uncontrollably into future scenarios which are similarly painful and frightening. So, therefore, an effort to "over-correct" such mind states by attempting to focus on being present in the moment does make sense.

And the truth is:  the present is the only moment that truly exists anyway. Of course there are reasons to remember the past.  We can learn from our mistakes and under such circumstances, it is totally reasonable to recall past difficulties. 

Likewise, we all need to make plans, arrangements and to visualize a path into the future which will bring us freedom and happiness.

What we need to avoid is the obsessional relationship with the past and present. 

But my main point in this posting is how to manage horrendous situations which confront us in the course of our lives.  These occur to patients of mine under specific circumstances in which I must reveal, for example, that they are suffering from cancer.  I will often have to do so with the loved-one of a patient as well.

Often the shock of this revelation renders the patient/family speechless and helpless. They look to me for some advice and recommendations.

My response is this:  look to the next moment, only.  Plan your next move, step, response without projecting any further into the past or future.

I am essentially recommending that they NOT be present in the moment. But focus on the NEXT MOMENT.  The present moment is too painful and perhaps incapacitating.

They need to only look one step forward. Where to go for medical opinions, which hospital to seek, how to notify others….. These become the small next steps which can rally their strength and courage for the fight ahead.

Projecting backwards in recrimination is useless. They must not regret having delayed their own work-up or diagnosis. They cannot undo what has occurred.

Likewise, to project into a dark future will cause them to suffer in the present.  It may block them from moving forward with the necessary vigor and clear-thinking that is necessary.

Some individuals are capable of truly ‘sitting’ with their fear,in the present moment. Perhaps that is the optimal way of getting through the difficult times. Many of these individuals are adept at meditation or relaxation techniques.

But for the vast majority of others–set your sights on the NEXT MOMENT.  It will open a path towards healing.


In the usual path of life, there will be situations in which the actions of one individual will offend, upset or insult another.  This happens all too often in the course of human intercourse.  The initial action may or may not have been done INTENTIONALLY. 
Kabbalists speak of the power of INTENTION as KAVANAH. Often there was no INTENTION to harm, merely an oversight or alternative interpretation of events.

There is often a reaction to this perceived insult or offense. That reaction can lead to a purposeful response which then has the INTENTION of offending the other party.

There is a metaphysical danger in such cause and reactivity–namely that what may have initially perceived as an offense, may not have been the result of an act of INTENTION.  In other words, perhaps the initial actions were perceived to be offensive [all interpretations exist within the mind anyway] yet were not INTENTIONALLY performed.

The danger is that the response to an UNINTENTIONAL action becomes INTENTIONAL as an act of revenge or retribution.  Further danger occurs when a cycle of action, response and revenge occurs.

The spiritual and metaphysical action which is INTENTIONALLY  performed carries tremendous karmic weight.  Therefore, be very certain that what is perceived as an offensive act, was INTENTIONALLY performed.  Because if the response is INTENTIONAL it creates a karmic event which has profound spiritual consequences.


No, I did not reverse the traditional order of Yin/Yang by mistake.
This traditional Chinese Taoist symbolic representation of the unity of opposites has profound meaning for those of us from a variety of cultural and spiritual traditions.

The unity of opposites, the balance that inexplicably models the universe and our lives seems to offer us a metaphor for metaphysical awareness.

But what if we reverse the two terms. Whereas yang usually represents the sun, the masculine force of the universe and yin feminine moon, it is interesting to reverse their meanings.

This method of metaphysical explorations sometimes opens us up to new interpretations of traditional thinking.  It allows us to see opportunity in times of sadness and suffering, and the potential for problems during periods of peace and tranquility.

This transposition of opposites is meant as an intellectual exercise. Trying to see the ‘good’ in the ‘bad’ and vice versa does not always ‘work’.  There are clearly spiritually uplifting and spiritually demeaning actions which one takes and reversing their meaning does nothing to help our awareness.

Still, don’t be afraid to play with this reversal of thinking.  Occasionally it will reveal insights which are useful to our metaphysical quests.


I hope you all know what a Chinese Finger Trap actually is. If not please Google it and you will quickly be reminded.  It is one of the simplest, most annoying yet profoundly powerful metaphors we have for life’s obstacles and challenges.

In brief, it is an inexpensive hollow tube designed with interlacing strands of paper like material. You place the index finger of each hand into each end.  Then you try to pull your fingers out. Despite the fact that this ‘device’ seems flimsy and fragile, it defies your ability to extract your fingers.  In fact, the harder you pull, the greater the resistance.

Hopefully, you soon figure out that the only way to extract your fingers is to relax and push them slowly towards each other. In this way, the ‘trap’ expands and you can slide your fingers gently out.

Force doesn’t work, it actually increases the problem and ultimate frustration.

Is the metaphor any clearer?

How often when faced with life’s challenges do we instinctively tense-up, become aggressive, explode in anger? Our responses are fear-based. We often feel cornered, threatened. We pull against the attachments which threaten to trap us further.

Perhaps, we would be better off resisting our initial impulse to pull away reactively. Perhaps we need to take a few deep breathes, relax into the chaos, and find that the alternative approach, through softness, kindness and clear-headedness will work to our advantage.

In the moment of quietness, the tumult can subside. We can see the solution before us. Perhaps it is the opposite of what we first believed it to be.


Not easy to do this on a Blackberry. So to keep it short– realize that every moment should be a celebration of the potential for new birth.

It is a birth into a new opportunity for overcoming fear, of extending compassion, of gaining awareness into the nature of reality, of finding peace in a sea of chaos, of letting go and finding healing.


In preparation for my talk on 5/3 I came to an interesting revelation.  It has to do with the personal problems I encountered which arose after I began writing and lecturing about my ‘metaphysical journey’.

The woman I had been working with took note of my personal difficulties [family issues of health, sickness and ultimately death] and noted ‘when you put yourself out there as someone who writes/speaks about such subjects the universe will challenge you’.

This sounded rather ominous–as if anyone who would dare to explore metaphysical truth would risk the ‘wrath’ of the spiritual dimension.

I did think a great deal about this comment.  But ultimately perceived the situation through a very different perspective or paradigm.

Rather than see myself as the recipient of divine judgment, I saw myself as the beneficiary of divine compassion.  There is no doubt that all my studies which involved evolving into an understanding that there is a spiritual dimension to reality [SDR] actually helped me get through my personal difficulties.

I no longer saw physical death as the end of all existence.  I came to understand that difficulties, even tragedies are a necessary of the human experience.  As the Jesuit priest/paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin had remarked..’…we are spiritual beings having a human experience’. 

So, I came to appreciate the kindness and compassion that was offered to me by ‘the Universe’.  My metaphysical journey allowed me to find healing in the midst of pain, to lessen my personal suffering and to continue to offer my thoughts to others. 

I am not afraid to continue this process–even if it helps one other soul.  The challenge is a gift to me.