Reading the Break–

This may actually be my first posting regarding the grand metaphors of life that golf supposedly provides.  Putting is perhaps the most perplexing of all golfing skills. Its competency continues to elude me.

Firstly it necessitates visualizing the slope of the green between the ball and the hole. This is, in itself, quite challenging. Secondly, the golfer must actually strike the putt with the correct amount of energy precisely on the correct ‘line’ to accomodate the break. It must be struck with sufficient force to get the ball to the hole, without sending it too far past the hole assuming [all to frequently] that it does not find the bottom of the cup.

Professional golfers will always walk slowly around the green, viewing the break and slope of the green from a variety of angles. Frequently, their impression of the speed or slope of the green will be changed by changing their position.  Many amateurs [myself included] will not take the time to ‘line up’ the putt and view it from all angles. 

The point to this golf story [assuming you are still reading] is that we need to look at a situation/problem from more than one angle. First impressions are often the equivalent of taking a quick look and deciding on the nature of the putt.  They are not always correct.

Intuition aside, we are often wrong about people we meet for the first time.  Now, many of us will swear that our first impressions are correct.  This may be true quite often.  But time and again we will be fooled.

There are many variables that go into that ‘first read’ of a person.  They may be on their ‘best behavior’ or, on the contrary, be upset with other personal issues at the time that they meet us.

The individual may remind us of someone we either like or dislike.  We often carry that over to our immediate impression of the new individual.  This is usually not accurate and not fair.  An extremely shy individual may appear unfriendly and uninteresting only to slowly reveal a side of their personality which is quite appealing.

Our society tends to place all of us on the defensive. This requires a degree of patience and committment in order to explore the real nature of the other individual.

Our first impresson may reflect our own moods.  What else is going on in our life.  We may actually be emitting a ‘vibe’ which is not our usual state of being either. The other individual is forming their opinion of us as well and we may tap into their memory banks in an manner which flavors their impression as well.

All this to say something quite simple.  Don’t rush to judgment regarding the character and personality of others. Hopefully they will be adept at ‘reading your break’ from all sides as well.

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