True Vision

A patient of mine who had not been to see me for quite a while returned for a visit.  Upon questioning him about his medical history he revealed that he had been having eye problems. He explained that he had problems with the macula area of both eyes.  It was rather annoying because it distorted much of his vision, especially at a distance.

So,your vision is greatly disturbed, I’m sorry to hear it’. I responded.

Well, Doc. I refer to it as a problem with my ‘eyesight’ not my ‘vision’.

Perplexed by that statement, I asked him what the difference was.

He smiled and said, ‘It’s like this….I used to be able to look at people from a great distance.  I could see their faces, their shapes, the way they walked.  I was particularly fond of the ladies and would sometimes fantasize about the really pretty ones.  Now I can’t do that. Everyone I see at a distance appears distorted.  Their is a wavy, sometimes blurry quality  to their outline.  But you know something.  That’s OK.  It means I can’ make those easy judgments that I used to do.  So that’s what I mean about having a problem with my eyesight but not my vision.

I apologized but told him that I still wasn’t sure what he meant.

laughing a bit he said.  Doc, I thought you were a pretty bright guy, into philosophy and the like, but I guess I have to spell it out for you.  My eyesight is distored.  But I now hold my judgment about people until I get real close to them.  I have to do more than look at them now.  I have to actually be with them.  Then I can see them for who they truly are!  So you get it now, I hope.  I actually think my vision is better than ever.

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