There is no way that I could have predicted the events that transpired in my life since I ventured into the blogosphere one year ago today.  Many of my readers were privy to the difficulties and challenges of my parent’s illness, my Mom’s death, my Dad’s near miraculous recovery.  There were other personal issues, not overtly discussed, that weighed heavily on my mind as well. 

Throughout this period I found that the act of writing and sharing my crises with others was tremendously healing for me.  Now that my life is a bit more calm, I will never take any precious moment of peace and joy for granted.  Very likely, that was one of the lessons that I needed to learn.

Someone who is spiritually aware suggested that ‘when you put yourself ‘out there’ the Universe will challenge you’. I took that statement very much to heart this past year.  But I now have a different interpretation of the events of the past year.  I do not believe that the ‘Universe’ presented these difficulties to me in order to challenge my resolve or committment to the metaphysical journey. Nor do I believe that I was being chastised for offering advise and therefore needed to learn humility.  Of course I need to be more humble, we all do.  Humility and gratitude are fine companiosn.

I always regarded my teachings, writings, bloggings as precious opportunities for me to explore and share what I have learned and what I am learning.   I do not regard myself as an expert or someone more spiritually enlightened than any of my readers.  In fact, I regard my writings as if I was writing a diary to myself. The act of writing allows me to explore my own thoughts,.

If I have helped anyone else in their own struggles, than I give all the praise to the ‘Universe’ for putting me in this position.  In fact what I believe is that all my studies: readings, writings, accumulating the spiritual experiences of others, has given me the strength to deal with what this year brought to me.  Rather than seeing this year as punitive in some way, I regard those years before as preparing me to this past one. 

I am unspeakably grateful for the opportunity each day provides me to learn, to grow, to share and to heal, myself and others.

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