II have not shared with my readers any recent ‘stories’ from my contacts. By ‘stories’ I refer to the deeply personal, emotion-charged experiences which have served as my evidence that a spiritual dimension to reality [SDR] exists.

I have made it clear, I hope, in prior postings that I am a reformed atheist.  This does not mean that I have ‘seen the light’ or embraced a traditional religion.  I still regard Judaism as my ethnic and historical home, and Kabbalah as an enlightened, mystical aspect of it.  But what my series of personal experiences have taught me about the metaphysical nature of reality cannot come from any text.

Over the past eight to nine years I have collected numerous examples of what might be called paranormal or spiritual experiences of ordinary, sane and decent human beings.  Hearing them first hand adds to what I have called the ‘credibility quotient’ of the experience.

This latest experience comes from a 78year old woman, a patient of mine for many years who sees me once or twice a year for her gastrointestinal complaints [my day job]. After discussing her mind/body issues it becomes clear that emotional stress has affected her deeply.  The source is not only her elderly, sick husband but the suicidal death of her adult son about one year before.

Of course she was/is devastated and immediately noted, ‘money does not buy happiness’.  Her son was a successful lawyer/businessman.  His personal life was in shambles and he had slipped into a serious depression. Without me inquiring [I would not do so under these sensitive circumstances] she began to speak about what happened after her son’s death.

I am in the habit of ironing clothes in the basement, late at night in front of the TV. I’ll watch almost anything except sports.  My son was a huge sports fan, always had the sports channel on. I went to bed and the next morning my husband, who gets up early,  said that I’d left the TV on the night before. I didn’t think I had but couldn’t argue with him.  The next time I did the ironing I was careful to shut off the TV.  The next morning, however, my husband said I had left it on again.  This time I was shaken up. I knew I had turned it off.  The next time I did the ironing I once again turned off the TV and went to bed.  I didn’t sleep well and woke up before my husband.  I went into the basement and found the TV on.  It was on  Channel 3, the sports channel and I began to weep. My husband came donw and said that each time he found the TV on , it was on Channel 3 as well.

I will allow that experience to sit with the reader.  It is one of many with a high degree of credibility.  It is further evidence of what I have come to believe.

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