There is no secret to The Secret.  It is wisdom that has accompanied humanity since the emergence of human awareness.  It’s success in the commercial marketplace only confirms our deep thirst for guidance and direction along our individual metaphysical path.

The ‘law of attraction’ has been with us for ever, from the Bhadgavad Gita to Proverbs to all philosophical and spiritual traditions. What we think about ourselves, our relationship to the universe, our inherent worth creates the path for us to proceed in actualizing what we desire.

My problem with ‘The Secret’ and its numerous variations is simply this–it implies that we can be passive participants in our own journeys. It quite clearly states that our intention, our strong desire for success is the predominant, perhaps only requirement to achieve what we want.

I had heard similar statements from the young Kabbalistic rabbi Stern during his lectures in 1995 when he spoke about ‘visualizing’ parking spots which then miraculously appeared when he needed them.  I found them ‘uncomfortable’ then, and quite frankly I do today.  They imply that life should not be a struggle, that what we desire should materialize before our eyes, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Why would we ever believe that this is a spiriutally enlightened attitude?

Who ever said that life in this physical incantation must be effortless, mindlessly easy, free of suffering? Our purpose here is to learn, to grow, to conquer fear, to love rather than hate.  Is that all so easy to accomplish? Of course not.  Neither should any valuable goal. 

We are here to learn, grow and evolve.  All that takes hard work!  Sorry to break it to all of you.  Yes, visualize, create your path which can become your reality. Then go for it with all your skill, effort and desire. That is the secret, the one that you already knew but was hoping to avoid.

2 thoughts on “THE SECRET?”

  1. On the surface the Idea of the Secrete and the way it is presented is very passive and makes it seem like you need to do nothing to achieve what you desire. And they definitely present it that way to sell more videos and books.
    But what I think what they are trying to say is you need to put your mind in an affirmative state that will allow you to recognize and accept the steps you need to take to achieve your goals. If you think you can not get what you desire you will most likely never achieve your goals.
    The only example in the video that is “passive” is some guy sitting in his chair dreaming of his new car. The real world examples all needed some action and some sort of recognizable primer to achieve their dreams. They did not just stubble upon success. They set their mind to achieve success, and were ready when the pathways they needed for them to achieve they’re success open up for them.

  2. The Mailman had just delivered my personal copy of The Secret.
    I didnt open it up right away. I had a few things to do first including catching up on reading your blogs.
    I read your blog on The Secret.
    What a buzz-kill.
    But now I have to say “Thanks” It was good for me to view it more skeptically and make the best of it in my own way.

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