Are you tired of carrying the weight of the world on your body? Do you worry incessantly about your future, that of your family, friends, our planet, the universe? Do find it difficult to even laugh or smile very much? Does global warming keep you up at night? Are you so weighed down with existential angst that you are metaphysically obese?

Then try the Metaphysical Diet. Begin your day with a cup of gratitude–instant or brewed. Awaken with the awareness that this new day is a gift to you.  It is an opportunity to transform yourself in everyway possible. For a moment don’t think about anything else. Just be still. Just be still.

Dig into a bowl of silence. Don’t speak. Don’t turn on the TV or radio or ipod. Don’t blast your mind with diverting sounds. Don’t be afraid.

Bite into a slice of mindfulness. Be aware of the present moment–only that. Be aware of each bite, how your muscles chew. Be aware of the taste. Breathe in and out and pay attention to your breath as well.

Pay attention to each bite and how you swallow.  Feel the food sliding into your stomach. Each morsel will fill you.  You will be aware that you are full much sooner than when you eat under ordinary circumstances. In those cases you are paying attention to other things–reading, listening, speaking. You wind up eating much more than you realize, than you really need.

And that is it.  Very simple really. You will find yourself becoming much slimmer–in mind and body.

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