An Email Exchange Worth Sharing

    Recently I began an email exchange with one of the blog readers. I will call him Billy and have decided to share with other of my blog readers some of  the essential content of our interactions. I feel that his questions and concerns represent powerfully challenging metaphysical issues that require open discussion.  I can relate to Billy’s concerns because I share them completely.
    Billy is facing the most basic and terrifying of issues–the question of the existence and survival of the soul. I had once obtained a quote from Dostoevsky  which essentially took note that the survival of the soul was the primal existential question of which all others were derived.
    In an age when many question the legitimacy and authority of revealled scripture [aka organized religion] these primal metaphysical questions become sources of free-floating anxiety.
    Billy has apparently read extensively the literature on the near-death experience [NDE] after-death communication [ADC] and the medium experience.  His references were to books and authors that I have explored as well.  His response is to doubt their validity and to remain anxiety-ridden and possibly depressed about thoughts of death and the abyss which may follow.
   I could glibly refer Billy to my forthcoming book for my own answer to the question, but I have attempted to emphasize to him the importance of the Credibility Quotient, the understanding of how difficult it is to transmit the reality of paranormal/spiritual experiences to someone who has never had them.
    I began to related to Billy several of the experiences that I have shared with blog readers and which are included in more detail in ‘the book’ but I feel that he will remain doubtful and unconvinced.  The truth is–unless he has his own personal experience OR unless he hears from someone he knows and trusts, he is likely to remain not only skeptical [a positive] but an unbeliever [something that he need not be].
    It may not be easy to put himself ‘out there’ in the community of his friends, peers, social contacts to openly announce that he is a seeker of higher reality and to freely declare his interest in such phenomena.  But personally, that is how I began to accumulate my ‘evidence’.  Once I began the process nearly ten years ago, it has continued to proceed as if on its own.
    What resulted from this ‘experiment’ allowed me to then go back to the books of others and truly relate to them.  The literature on the NDE, ADC, the medium experience were no longer nonsense to me because my personal experiences and contacts correlated closely with them.
    There is another important message for Billy and the multitudes of other Billys in cyberspace.  Learn to live in the mystery.  Become comfortable not totally knowing.  This is not easy.  We as sentient beings want to control the chaos and fear of existence/nonexistence.  I don’t believe this is completely possible.
    Look at contemporary science.  Physicists have been forced to confront their growing ignorance about the nature of reality.  To some, it must be extremely distressing because scientists really need to understand the way the universe works.  But Reality has another lesson for them and for us.  We may just be here to deal with the uncertainty of existence. It may very well be another obstacle among many that characterize our lives  And it may offer another opportunity  to overcome that metaphysical angst and live our lives to the best of our ability. 
    Perhaps we are here, after all, to comfort each other in this pass-through known as life. Overcoming fear requires love and the disappearance of all mystery might just make life too easy. It might just take way one of our pathways towards spiritual evolution. 
    Billy might just say that this is ultimate rationalization.  He may or may not be correct.  But how I look at life remains my choice and this is how I choose to view it. 
    So to all the Billys out there–take heart, don’t dwell in despair, your curiosity is a powerful gift and needs to be encouraged and cultivated. Sharing fear is the greatest gift we have. It can enlighten us all.

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