Central Park–Vortex Site

My original blog on Central Park as a vortex site has escaped into the blogosphere so I thought I would resurrect a new version.  It revolves around my intense infatuation with the Central Park in the heart of Manhattan. I have come to realize with increasing certainty that, for me, this is a vortex site.

Vortex sites have been described as being centers of concentrated energy and distributed around the world.  Sites reportedly described as such include: the Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, Machu Pichu in Peru, Stonehenge, England, Sedona, Arizona and a scattering of other sites. The majority of these sites combine natural settings with human creation. They have attracted attention, drawn myriads of visitors and have created a mythology of belief that these are special places on the earth’s surface.

I have come to strongly believe that Central Park belongs in that special category. No one can deny its special geographical location at the heart of the greatest city on earth [apologies, not, to other great cities of the world]. The energy that surrounds it is incalculable.

Any close inspection of a map of the City will reveal that city streets form perpendicular grids, horizontal and vertical, which appear to feed directly into the park.  It has been said that at the end of May and middle of July, light floods down the streets of Manhattan as in Stonehenge, bathing the Park with concentrated photonic energy.

The energy of the city is powerful and focused.And the lush vegetation is evidence that life is flourishing as a consequence of this flow. There is a concept in science of flow and gradients.  All energy is directed from high concentration to lower concentration.  It is the notion of an energy ‘sink’ that explains this discharge into the central processing unit known as the park.

In fact I would maintain that Central Park is nothing less than a macroscopic computer chip.  This contention is strengthened by the knowledge that it rests upon what is known as Manhattan schist, a silicon based rock.

Unknown to many including native New Yorkers is the fact that Central Park is one of the nation’s premiere bird-watching sites.  It seems as if migratory birds recognize the power of this place as well as the millions who flood through its portals on a yearly basis.

It is a place of tranquility, of solace, of healing.  It is the Garden of Eden which accepts one and all–native son, visitor, sinner and saint.  Walk past any of its magnificent trees and notice how it appears to spin in a slow graceful circle under your gaze. 

Welcome to the Central Park vortex.

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