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Over the next few weeks to months I will be obligated to review the manuscript that Greenwood Publishing has agreed to turn into a book. It will give me the opportunity to reflect on the entire process and truly come to terms with it.  It has happened more quickly than I imagined and have been told by those who know the book business that this is rather unusual.

I will hope to do some traveling and lecturing around the time of the book release in December of this year and will be looking for venues so if there are any suggestions, please email me.

My only concern about the book, so far, is its selling price.  At nearly $45 I feel that it may deter prospective readers from purchasing it. Needless to say, I had no input at all in this aspect of the process. I did shoot an email to the publisher reflecting my position, but I have little hope of any change.  These are corporate/business decisions whose rationale are deemed inappropriate for any input from the writer. 

This does not change my deep gratitude to Greenwood Publishing Group/Praeger for their decision to publish me in the first place. I also am aware that their target market are libraries and universities and perhaps this is the reason for the sticker shock.

That aside, having a book published by a well-respected publisher will hopefully enable me to get to the next level in this journey–to have entree to more lecturing and speaking engagements.  Hopefully, that will become a second career for me. At present, however, I have no intention of leaving my practice.  It is a source of me real-time metaphysical journey.

My preliminary thoughts are to do a real lecture tour rather than consider it a ‘book’ tour.  I am uncomfortable with the idea of just ‘selling’ the book per se. I would rather provide some substance in the form of a lecture and allow those who are interested to pick up the book as well.

Perhaps this is not what most writers do but I did attend a so-called lecture by Candace Pert last year.  I deeply respect her contribution to the world of mind/body/spirit with her scientific advancements in PSI [psychoneuroimmunology].  But I was disappointed in her presentation.  It seemed rather casual, personal, even silly at times. She pointed out family members and friends in the audience but spent little time really explaining what she has accomplished.  It seemed as if the entire point of the evening was to sign and sell her book.

I don’t want to do that and hypocrisy is not one of those qualities that I admire.

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