Meta-Physician vs Metaphysician

I find it necessary to discuss the difference between this two terms since one of my editors of my forthcoming book was not aware of the distinction between the two terms. To a certain extent, the distinction between meta-physician and metaphysician is a bit of a play on words. But, I believe, an important one.

To my perspective, anyone who seriously ponders the nature of reality, the ‘big’ questions of existence, is engaging in metaphysical speculation and is, therefore, a metaphysician.   The Greek prefix meta, in this case, refers to the writings of Aristotle [involving meaning, purpose, spirit and God] which were found after or meta his writings on the physical world.

In my particular situation, as is obvious, I am a physician who is also a metaphysician. In my case, however, I have been changed or transformed by by journey.  Therefore, I have chosen the alternative meaning of the Greek prefix meta to refer to this transformed state of consciousness regarding the way in which I regard my profession, in other words, a meta-physician.

A meta-physician is someone who brings an awareness of the multi-level nature of the human being who comes under his/her medical care.  The simple but profound notion that we are all  beings comprised of body, mind and spiritual elements qualifies as justification for this label.

I would hope to spread this perspective to others who have come to understand that to ‘heal’ is to make whole. And that should be the goal of all who accept the challenge of healthcare in the 21st century.

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