What Dreams are Made of….

The subject of dreams has fascinated our kind since the dawn of human consciousness. It will likely to continue as the nature of the mind and its relationship to the brain are constantly being explored. Theories range from the most ‘mechanistic’ namely that the mind and its perception as being unique and somehow special is an illusion.  It is merely the ’emergent’ property of innumerable neurons and their connections, firing away, producing a subtle and fantastic pattern, yet ultimately a purely biochemical, bioelectric phenomenon.

Others have sought more subtle, less ‘scientific’ explanations.  Does the mind include more than what can be measured by EEG, SPECT scans, the analysis of a psychological examination? Perhaps our minds are fragments of some more pervasive consciousness? Perhaps, as William James noted, our brains are the ‘receivers’ of energies that remain unknown–a complex radio which can extract consciousness from the cosmos and filter it down to us.

The metaphysics of consciousness can be explored under certain unusual circumstances–the psychic dream.  All this commentary is to offer the reader the content of a dream that was just recently revealed to me from one of my patients, Fred.

The crediblity quotient [see prior blog postings] demands that I explain that Fred is a reasonable, rational and entirely credible individual who I have known from at least 15years.  He has had other paranormal/spiritual experiences which I have included in other writings including by upcoming book. Please be aware that the skeptical reader may question what follows.  There is no way that I can or will try to convince anyone that the following is true.  I believe it to be so.

Fred described a frighteningly realistic dream that he had quite a few years ago.  It involved his former wife, ‘Joan’ from whom he had been estranged for at least ten years.  Since they had not children together, he had lost total contact with her.  He had no idea if she was married, alive, or where she was living.

One night he dreamt that Joan was lying on a stretcher in a hospital, bleeding from her lower abdomen.  This scene was particularly distressing and so real that in the morning he phoned his ex Mother-in-law who was not particularly happy to hear from him.  When he mentioned his dream, she became even more sarcastic.  Finally Fred just blurted out,’ forget the dream, how is Joan?’  Her response was consistent–‘If you really care to know, she’s just great.  As a matter of fact, last night she gave birth to a baby girl by C-section.  I’ll send her your love’ and hung up.

Fred, of course, was stunned, as was I.  Interesting how individuals remain psychically connected despite difficulties in this lifetime. There are fascinating metaphysical lessons to be extracted from this story. 

1] That souls do interact with each other for a reason.  Relationships are not random. The nature of these relationships may often be difficult, but may be part of our individual growth and learning process.  I believe that friends and family members who are estranged [particularly family] should attempt to reconcile, on some level, during this lifetime. [of course this is not always possible or desirable].  You are together for a reason and if you don’t work out these differences now, you will have to face them in future lifetimes.

2] Dreams can clearly be sources of real knowledge. Death announcements are well known to be transmitted in dreams. The Bible describes Joseph’s premonitory dreams as well. What is the source of this knowledge? Perhaps we are touching on the nature of consciousness/mind.  The brain may be the transmitter of a larger source of awareness.

3] Psychic phenomena may be difficult to interpret.  Fred assumed that the scene he was ‘viewing’ represented an accident or an attack on Joan.  His raw pereception was correct, his interpretation wasn’t.  Mediums and psychics frequently have to deal with this problem.  My connection with medium Artie has allowed me some insight into this issue.

I welcome comments and the sharing of similar experiences from others.  Presently I am waiting to hear a follow-up from another contact who described two siblings, each of whom awoke in the middle of the night, the same night, screaming about the death of a father they have not seen in decades.

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