Six-Pack Soul–Meditation as a Work-Out

We seem by all outward signs to be a society obsessed with physical perfection. That is a rather obvious observation–any magazine, TV show, movie proclaims the latest and easiest way to lose weight, obtain that special look through make-up, clothes and, of course, plastic surgery. There are many who spend hours a day ‘working out’, spending enormous time and energy to perfect their bodies–to obtain those mystical ‘six pack abs’, a clear demonstration to one and all how disciplined and magnificent we are.

In my opinion, there is nothing particularly wrong with anyone seeking to make themselves more attractive physically. Our body is the ‘temple’ of our soul, a gift that we should appreciate and maintain to the best of our ability. 

What is lacking in our culture is the same appreciation of our minds and souls. Meditation is the work-out for the soul.  It requires effort and discipline but it is an attempt to train the mind to be less ‘reactive’ to the stresses and strains of daily living. Like the physical work-out the results of meditation are not quickly observed.

Repetition and practice are key elements in obtaining a transformation of consciousness. But just as our  bodies are ‘healthier’ and more responsive to the physical demands of life, our minds are as well.   A sense of well-being, of peace, even of happiness may be the consequence of developing a meditation practice.

The results may not be the same as exposing our bodies at the beach for all to admire–yet being with someone who has developed a deep spiritual practice will often reveal what may not be apparent at first glance–a mind and soul that is ‘fit’ for the task of living.                                                                                                                                         e

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