Are You Meta-Phobic?

It came as rather a suprise to me to discover, several years ago, that there are individuals who are afraid to discuss metaphysics.  I had naively assumed that nearly everyone who had a functioning mind would deeply enjoy, even seek metaphysical discussions regarding the nature of reality–I found that I was wrong.

The main culprit, once again, is simple fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of having to face these perplexing and challenging issues, fear of death, of loss of sadness and unhappiness. Also, of course, there is fear of the paranormal and spiritual.

Even those who find comfort in organized religion with its obvious supernatural elements, can turn-off to the more intrguing but less traditional experiences of after-death communication, psychic phenomena, near-death experiences, apparitional experiences, and medium encounters.

Unfortunately, some religous folk are literally brain-washed to regard all of the above as the ‘Devil’s’ deception.   How sad for them. They are denying themselves the opportunity to think and explore for themselves.  But this is exactly what fear doing.  The world of spirit seems tame enough when filtered, edited and dogmatized by organized religion.  But to actually seek personal experiences or speak to someone who has?  Not on your [or their]  life!

I read about a rather fascinating encounter with the late Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD and someone in one of her audiences who challenged her claim that she had a spiritual experience with a deceased friend.  He proclaimed that she was being fooled by the Devil.  How can anyone communicate with the dead? he demanded.

Kubler-Ross, never shy to respond to such hypocrisy asked the man if he believed in prayer and that Jesus Christ answered his prayers.  ‘Of course’ he shouted.  I’m a Bible-loving Chrisitan!’

‘Great’ she exclaimed. ‘Congratulations to you.  You’re communicating with the dead as well!’

So let us all just get over our fears. I am not suggesting that everyone personally seek to communicate with the deceased through Ouija boards or other tools. Mediums do spiritually protect themselves from lower order, earthbound energies who may be less than loving in their intent. But be open minded enough to do your own reading, discussing and exploring.

We have evolved powerful minds which demand answers to the great questions of existence.  Even if our answers remain incomplete and tentative, that does not make the endeavor unworthy of our efforts.  It should only drive us further.

Just let go of the fear and enjoy the journey.

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