Post Script to First Talk

Last night was my first in the series of lectures at the Theolosophical Society venue on East 53rd St.  I want to thank all of you who attended.

I thought it went well although quite frankly the experience of ‘doing’ the lecture is a bit mysterious to me.  Once I begin speaking I allow the thoughts and words to flow. At times I find myself observing the process, at other times there is work involved to ensure that the next moment is not filled with too much silence.

The topic was Why Do We Feel Sick All the TIme and it allowed me to explore the relaionship between the mind and our perceptions of what it means to be sick.

It allowed me to introduce my approach to healing, to make ‘whole’, which essentially insists that all beings are a matrix of body, mind and spirit. I also emphasized that I do not reject the accomplishments of modern medical science and technology.  Yet I do not accept their findings without question either.  Be an open-minded skeptic. Question everything. Weigh the risk versus the benefit and if something works use it.

That applies to experiences my patients share with me regarding alternative therapies. It applies to my so-called scientific claims which contradict my own clinical experiences as well. Science is a process which is capable of self-correction. But it may take many years of study to do so.  Science is not without its own biases. Researchers may be less interested in ultimate truth and more in their ‘publishing articles’ which may later be determined to be just plain incorrect.

I was able to emphasize to my New York City audience how easy it is to feel sick in an enviornment filled with noise, pollution, crowds and intense energy. By our nature we need to escape at times. CIty life is hardly conducive to that–but it is clearly possible and necessary–once we become aware of the healing benefits of doing so.

Exercise, meditation, a walk in Central Park, music,  yoga…..Whatever can take us away from the chaos for a moment or two is worthwhile. The stresses are enormous and need to be acknowledged. Yet stress, in moderation, is also the source of motivation, drive, accomplishment, excitement and stimulation.  So we are again speaking of a dynamic balance between aspects of our lives.  Yin and Yang and once more the appropriate metaphor. Balance and flow can address the issues of living with understanding and wisdom.

The venue was great. Peaceful, energetic…..a good place for such discussions.  I recommend that my readers check our theosophy.  I will comment on it in future blogs. It is a fascinating metaphysical system of belief.

My next lecture is Novermber 13.  THE POWER OF HAPPINESS AND SADNESS.  More to follow. 

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