To All Healers–Understanding the Process

Who is a healer? Is it the ultimate act of hubris to describe oneself as such? Perhaps–unless we see healing as an universe concept, open to every living being.

I see healing as being the mutual expression of compassion. Therefore, we can all be healers.  This does not diminsh the obvious role of knowledge and experience that is inherent in effective healing. I would be foolish to dismiss the benefit I have derived from over thirty years of studies and experience in traditional medicine.

But I have come to view healing from a metaphysical perspective. It is inherently a mutual experience. There are so solitary healers. The very concept implies that there is someone else to heal.

In truth, it is not contradictory to view self-healing as a mutual experience as well. It involves a degree of separation of the self into two aspects–as least for the purposes of the healing. This is not a Cartesian split into two distinct substances.  Simply a split in awareness between aspects of the one self.  It is essentially experiencing ourselves from a perspective of some objectivity. Of course this can never be complete. But we recognize that we can analye our own actions, our own motives, our own state of development, we can criticize our own actions.  We can love ourselves. And we can forgive ourselves for the purpose healing as well.

We should also recognize that in healing we are healed. There is no greater gift to any being than to be sought out as a healer. It is a humbling experience. Some other soul is entrusting themelves to us, opening themselves, exposing their vulnerability. It is an awesome gift which necessitates deep respect and spiritual reverence.

True healing requires us to open our hearts as well as our heads. The seeker perceives our intention. If it is not genuine, if it is not with an open-heart, it is unlikely to be effective.

We need to honor the process. And to honor the seeker. They offer us the opportunity to help another being. If it is done with the right intention, kavanah as the Kabbalists would note, it will heal all participants.

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