Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Like many often repeated cliches the statement time heals all wounds has some element of truth to it.  Difficulties arise, however, when we attempt to generalize the concept to each and every situation.

On an emotional level, it is quite obvious that time by itself cannot undo the feelings that an injury or injustice  has been perpetrated. This is where the notion of a legal system of justice or compensation for injuries has evolved in civilized human societies.

Clearly when it comes to physical ailments, we do not dismiss the power of contemporary medications and appropriate treatments to assist in the healing process as well.

However, I do strongly feel that we live within a cultural milieu which inappropriately rejects the power of time to contribute to healing. I am as guilty as many others in my lack of patience with the processes that surround me. When I get an idea or notion in my mind, when I become physically ill, when I am awaiting the results of some issue, or feeling pain—I want it fixed, better, resolved–now!

I [we] need to realize that the universe doesn’t work that way.  It requires a profound degree of metaphysical awakening to accept this.  It took the universe billions of years to evolve a self-aware being who is capable of writing, reading and pondering our own existence.

Also, I am sure that in times past, prior to the technological revolution which has overwhelmed us people had no choice but to accept the fact that things take time. There was no instant communication.  Letters took weeks or months to exchange. Physical and emotional illnesses were given time to resolve because there was no other option.

Physical illness require time for the body to heal.  Technological and scientific advances can speed up the healing processes–but only to a degree. Our bodies still require time to do the job.  Don’t forget–babies still require time to develop before they can be safely brought into this world.  There is a lesson there for all of us.

Emotional and spiritual traumas take time as well. The loss of a loved one through rejection or death takes time to heal.  There is no short cut to the process, despite our desire to accelerate it.  This does not mean that time alone is sufficient for the process.  This is painfully clear and all available methods of therapy and support should be utilized fully.   But it should remind us that time is an essential component to all forms of healing.


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