Make Everyday Thanksgiving

Of course this statement is a bit of a cliche–be more aware of the aspects of our lives to which we should be grateful–but that does not make it less true.
We are, by virtue of our evolutionary bent, worriers, pessimists and negative thinkers.  We are the product of those complainers, conspiracy theorists, paranoid thinkers that planned for the worst. No wonder we have so much trouble seeing the glass half full!
It requires an act of awareness, of conscious will, to look at our lives and see the gifts that surround us.
We tend to discount that in our lives which works, is beautiful, nurturing, rewarding–while focusing  in on that which can harm us.
But without much effort we can all build a substantial list of what we should be grateful for.

Are we part of a loving family?  At least is there ONE family member we actually like?  Do they love us and would they be ‘there’ for us in a time of need?
Do we have friends who would fill those needs?
Are we reasonably healthy?
Do we not live in a country founded on principles of liberty, freedom and democracy? [Granted its imperfections]
Do we go to bed at night and not fear for our safety?
Do we not worry about starvation for ourselves and our family?
Do we not observe the exquisite beauty that surrounds us?
Are we not typically ‘blind’ to much of it?
Do we not awaken each morning as free beings with the opportunity to experience new growth and evolution?
For all this–and more….Let us be grateful.
Just think about it.  It is a meditation that can bring peace and healing to us all.

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