We often identify ourselves by what we do. Our occupation, our passions become the tag line to who we are. We often define ourselves the same way.  Am I doing everything I can to become a ‘success’ in life? Am I pursuing the right job? Will I be admired, respected, ‘loved’ because of what I do?

For most of us, what we do defines who we are. Others judge us by this same standard.  But should it? To some extent our daily activities do tell others a great deal about who we are. But few will admit that they continually run around accumulating activities by which to define and support their sense of self-worth.

  But does that reveal our true inner self? Does it allow someone to judge us? To make a determination as to the quality of our character?

We seem to care more about what someone does, than who they really are–their ‘being’.  This is clearly a mistake.  We need to refocus on what is truly important about another individual. Are they kind, compassionate, loving, giving?  Do they genuinely care for others?  Are they not totally obsessed with their own self-interests?

Perhaps rather than ask someone ‘how do you feel?’ it would be better to ask them, ‘how do you make others feel?’

We need to see the human being behind the human doing.

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