There may be a few out there in the blogosphere who recall my July 8th 2007 posting on Central Park in the heart of New York City. Well, I am looking forward to the opportunity to present my concept of Central Park as a vortex site to several influential members of its governing board.

The succeeding months have not diminished my firm conviction that Central Park, in the center of Manhattan, unquestionably the greatest, if not one of the greatest, cities on this planet deserves the designation as a vortex site

While physicists may describe a vortex as a swirling cone of energy, metaphysicians have designated sites around the world as vortex sites based upon much more subjective criteria.  Places frequently described include: 1] the great pyramid at Giza in Egypt, 2] Machu Pichu in Peru, 3]  Stonhenge in England, 4] Sedona, Arizona and scores of others.  The common feature of all these sites is their mystical combination of natural settings and human creation. They have historically drawn myriads by virtue of some ill-defined energetic attraction. Their designation, though subjective, is testified to by the enormous crowds of people who are drawn to them.

I have found Central Park to clearly manifest these qualities. I have personally  experienced the calming, meditative effects on my state of mind.  The mixture of rock, water, fields, winding pathways, trees, vegetation, evocative signs, bridges, tunnels, natural settings and man-made structures…..all seem perfectly balanced with a deeply resonating soul.  Its human denizens balance the solitude with their energy and joyous vitality. It is a living matrix created by Vaux and Olmstead–a true work of art.

Further inspection of the map of Manhattan will reveal that city streets form perpendicular grids, between 59th and 110th street, horizontal and vertical, which feed directly into the park. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson of the American Museum of Natural History has described the semi-annual occurrence in which the setting sun aligns with the east-west streets as Manhattanhenge, a clear analogy with the vortex site at Stonhenge, England.

The energy of Manhanttan is powerful and focused.  The lush vegetation of the Park is evidence that life is flourishing there as a consequence of such flow.

  There is concept in science that deals with flow and gradients.  All energy is directed from high concentration to an area of lower concentration.  The innumerable computers, cell phones, electronic apparatus which surrounds the park invisibly expel their electromagnetic energy out into the streets. It is the notion of an energy ‘sink’ that explains this flow and discharge into the Central Processing Unit known as Central Park.

Likewise, the high concentration of oxygen which builds as a consequence of such plant life, spills outwards, along the grid to supply the oxygen deprived New Yorker’s of life giving sustenance.

An overhead photograph of Central Park with its rectangular shape is highly suggestive of a macroscopic silicon computer chip. This contention is further strengthened by the awareness that the large outcroppings of bedrock throughout the Park are known as Manhattan schist, composed mostly of the element silica.

Furthermore, unknown to many, including many native New Yorkers is the fact that Central Park is one of the nation’s premiere bird-watching locations. Clearly, migratory birds recognize the power of this vortex site and are drawn to it. Further evidence of its power are  the millions of human native New  Yorkers, visitors and tourists who eagerly flood through its portals every year.

Within the Park there are unrecognized vortices:  from the Carousel to the immense Reservoir, attracting millions of runners per year. It is an elliptical amalgam of the basic elements: water, air, light and earth.

I have come to the awareness that every tree within the Park is a vortex site itself.  Recognize how it funnels light and carbon dioxide down to its roots, then disseminates oxygen back upwards to the sky. And what about rotation and spin?  Merely walk up to and past a large expansive tree whose branches extend and reach upward. Keep your eyes fixed on its upper trunk and notice how it spins as you move past it.  Is this a legitimate example of a vortex?  Of course.  Einstein clearly demonstrated how all motion is relative. Whether the tree moves or you do is irrelevant. The appearance is that of rotational motion–ie a vortex.

So what is Central Park? It is a work of art–a human creation which is so perfectly designed that it appears to be totally nature’s own.  It is a place of tranquility, of solace, of healing.  It is the Garden of Eden which accepts one and all–native son, visitor, sinner or saint. If there is any place on this planet which deserves to be deemed a vortex site it is clearly Central Park.  It has my vote.

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