I find the following statement quite compelling: Self-awareness precedes self-repair. By that I mean we truly benefit in our own personal journey towards evolving awareness and overall healing when we become aware of the nature of reality.

Wisdom about the way the universe works: the value of kindness, compassion, the pursuit of peace and happiness, leads us to healing. A balanced mind & spirit promote physical well-being.

It is also true that all healing is ultimately ‘self-healing’. The body is ultimately the source of its own repair.  Medical and spiritual assistance is necessary but the final pathway to healing requires that the mechanisms of healing  remain intact. All the antibiotic therapy that exists will not be effective if the patient has a defective immune system. The same applies to spiritual and emotional turmoil. The underlying foundation for healing must be at least present in its basic rudimentary forms.

But…..I have come to believe that it is almost impossibly to heal ourselves alone.  We are inherently such social beings that we do need other people. We may regard ourselves as ‘rugged individualists’ who can function quite well alone.  But I don’t believe that.

Why is ‘solitary confinement’ considered the harshest form of punishment?  Even the most hardened, sociopath fears being without contact with other human beings.

So, it is ultimately, I believe, human contact, human feeling, shared sentiments and concern that is responsible for the energy behind much of what we know as healing.

Healers will reveal the truth that they, themselves, are healed by any act of healing.  There is no greater source of my own happiness than hearing from a patient that my efforts resulted in their well-being. And don’t we all gain more from acts of kindness to others than they themselves receive?

In truth, however, I am referring to the nature of love which activates this healing.  It is not necessarily human love.  The power of pets to promote physical and emotional healing is well known.  Animals, nature, the sensed presence of those who have passed on–all are capable of activating our intrinsic healing capacities.

So is healing truly self-healing ?  Only in part.  Rather, all healing is mutual healing.  Of that I have no doubt.

One thought on “SELF-HEALING?”

  1. Dr. Steve, My name is Wazir El from Philadelphia,PA. Iam looking for info. about self healing and your name came up. Your website is very informative, thank you for that. Are you familar with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha? He is also an Md. who does the same kind of healing you do. He has a DVD on his website called Soul Masters I think you would enjoy check it out. It would be great if the two of you meet because humanity needs all the help we can offer.The website is
    Peace and Blessings,
    Wazir El

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