In the usual path of life, there will be situations in which the actions of one individual will offend, upset or insult another.  This happens all too often in the course of human intercourse.  The initial action may or may not have been done INTENTIONALLY. 
Kabbalists speak of the power of INTENTION as KAVANAH. Often there was no INTENTION to harm, merely an oversight or alternative interpretation of events.

There is often a reaction to this perceived insult or offense. That reaction can lead to a purposeful response which then has the INTENTION of offending the other party.

There is a metaphysical danger in such cause and reactivity–namely that what may have initially perceived as an offense, may not have been the result of an act of INTENTION.  In other words, perhaps the initial actions were perceived to be offensive [all interpretations exist within the mind anyway] yet were not INTENTIONALLY performed.

The danger is that the response to an UNINTENTIONAL action becomes INTENTIONAL as an act of revenge or retribution.  Further danger occurs when a cycle of action, response and revenge occurs.

The spiritual and metaphysical action which is INTENTIONALLY  performed carries tremendous karmic weight.  Therefore, be very certain that what is perceived as an offensive act, was INTENTIONALLY performed.  Because if the response is INTENTIONAL it creates a karmic event which has profound spiritual consequences.

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