In preparation for my talk on 5/3 I came to an interesting revelation.  It has to do with the personal problems I encountered which arose after I began writing and lecturing about my ‘metaphysical journey’.

The woman I had been working with took note of my personal difficulties [family issues of health, sickness and ultimately death] and noted ‘when you put yourself out there as someone who writes/speaks about such subjects the universe will challenge you’.

This sounded rather ominous–as if anyone who would dare to explore metaphysical truth would risk the ‘wrath’ of the spiritual dimension.

I did think a great deal about this comment.  But ultimately perceived the situation through a very different perspective or paradigm.

Rather than see myself as the recipient of divine judgment, I saw myself as the beneficiary of divine compassion.  There is no doubt that all my studies which involved evolving into an understanding that there is a spiritual dimension to reality [SDR] actually helped me get through my personal difficulties.

I no longer saw physical death as the end of all existence.  I came to understand that difficulties, even tragedies are a necessary of the human experience.  As the Jesuit priest/paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin had remarked..’…we are spiritual beings having a human experience’. 

So, I came to appreciate the kindness and compassion that was offered to me by ‘the Universe’.  My metaphysical journey allowed me to find healing in the midst of pain, to lessen my personal suffering and to continue to offer my thoughts to others. 

I am not afraid to continue this process–even if it helps one other soul.  The challenge is a gift to me.

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