No, I did not reverse the traditional order of Yin/Yang by mistake.
This traditional Chinese Taoist symbolic representation of the unity of opposites has profound meaning for those of us from a variety of cultural and spiritual traditions.

The unity of opposites, the balance that inexplicably models the universe and our lives seems to offer us a metaphor for metaphysical awareness.

But what if we reverse the two terms. Whereas yang usually represents the sun, the masculine force of the universe and yin feminine moon, it is interesting to reverse their meanings.

This method of metaphysical explorations sometimes opens us up to new interpretations of traditional thinking.  It allows us to see opportunity in times of sadness and suffering, and the potential for problems during periods of peace and tranquility.

This transposition of opposites is meant as an intellectual exercise. Trying to see the ‘good’ in the ‘bad’ and vice versa does not always ‘work’.  There are clearly spiritually uplifting and spiritually demeaning actions which one takes and reversing their meaning does nothing to help our awareness.

Still, don’t be afraid to play with this reversal of thinking.  Occasionally it will reveal insights which are useful to our metaphysical quests.

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