I wanted to respond in this posting to a comment by someone who disagreed with my opinion regarding colonic hydrotherapy.  Her tone was reasonable and respectful of my professional experience. 

She insisted that she had assisted in numerous colonic hydrotherapies [enema therapy] and that the results were remarkable and beneficial to many.

My response is simply this: there is no medical reason that anyone ‘needs’ to undergo this therapy. If they choose to do so and feel better as a result–that is there absolute choice.  Usually there is little toxicity associated with this treatment other than bloating and some anal discomfort.

My main objection is the false impression that this type of therapy is 1] biologically useful, 2] will do anything to re-establish a ‘normal’ bowel function.  It is also based on a faulty naturopathic premise that our bodies become ‘poisoned’ by own own fecal matter.  This is totally false!

Certainly, if there is a bowel perforation for any reason, we can become toxic and potentially die from overwhelming infection [sepsis].  However, our intact bowel mucosa [lining] is fantastically capable of preventing colonic bacteria from entering our bloodstream and causing such a dire medical condition.

I do not apologize for offering sound scientific medical advise.  Although I consider myself a holistic practitioner who incorporates awareness of the mind and spirit in addition to the body, there is no reason to abandon scientific knowledge in this endeavor.

As I noted previously, colonic cleansing can be a natural process which is assisted by additional oral intake of fiber, fluids and exercise to promote bowel motility.  Herbal therapies can be used in cases of difficult or intractable constipation as well.

But I insist that my patients are given the best advice possible–one that does not ignore the wisdom of science about the nature of the human body when it is available to us.

I also reject the attempts of unscrupulous businessmen in the guise of ‘natural healers’  who blanket the internet and TV with infomercials to make money off of the ignorance and fear of the public.

It is time that other responsible individuals speak out against  false advertising and misleading  claims .  In the absence of other voices, the public will assume that these ridiculous assertions are true.

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