Readers of my blog &/or book understand the significance of the extraordinary experiences of awareness [EEA] such as near-death experiences [NDE], after-death communications [ADC], medium and psychic encounters for my personal metaphysical journey.
Essentially they have been the ‘fuel’ that has continuously propelled me to explore the nature of reality.

I would like to share the latest which I heard about several days ago. Keep in mind the notion of the CQ [credibility quotient] when reading or listening to any such experiences.  Who is the person relating them? Are they believable? Is their any motivation to fabricate any of it?  In nearly all cases, the answers will lead you to take in these experiences as completely real and true.

The following comes from a woman who I have worked with for several years.  She passes the CQ with flying colors.  I have changed the names and edited the story but the basic metaphysical concepts remain true.

My grandson Ryan is five now.  He was named after his father’s brother who died tragically in a car accident when he was 18. Ryan’s paternal grandmother would not allow her other grandson’s to be named Ryan but by the time ‘my’ Ryan was born, she was ready to accept the name.
My Ryan was born with a cleft palate which was repaired and he was always told that his uncle Ryan had ‘kissed’ him there and that’s how it happened.  He always spoke of his uncle as if he ‘knew’ him.  It was surprising to hear him speak so much of the uncle he had never met.   He also seemed to possess many of his uncle Ryan’s personality traits as I was told.

Now Ryan’s grandfather was having a birthday celebration and had his children and grandchildren around him.  Several attempts to light the candles on the cake were unsuccessful. There was no wind or obvious reason.  He even questioned his wife whether they were ‘trick’ candles. Which of course operate exactly the opposite–you can’t blow them out.

After several attempts, my grandson Ryan spontaneously smiled, shook his head back and forth and said…."Uncle Ryan SAID he was gonna blow the candles out!".   He repeated it in a sing-song way and smiled knowingly.

His grandfather began to tear-up and said, ‘that’s the best birthday present I could ever hope for’.

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