A brief follow-up to the previous posting.
Awareness of the metaphysical truth, that pain & suffering are expected and anticipated aspects of living can actually release us from fear and denial.

If our metaphysical paradigm has brainwashed us to regard pain & suffering as a consequence of our inherent sinful nature, than when they inevitably occur, we will suffer even more.  It will be a confirmation of our lowly spiritual status and our victim status in the cosmos.

If we can adopt the metaphysical paradigm that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, than the natural challenges of pain will result in less suffering.  We know it will come, we accept it as reality, we recognize that we are not being punished for our sinful natures but have chosen to be incarnated in order to face them, transform them and grow spiritually–we can actually move forward with serenity and contentment.

This is the true meaning of happiness.

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