Does the title of this posting make any sense to anyone?   The background involves my own frustration with losing about 10 lbs of weight I had put on.  Now, it was not really a big deal either way, but the fact that I found myself compulsively eating small amounts of ‘junk food’ at my office was upsetting to me.

After all, where was my resolve NOT to do so? Why couldn’t I control this seemingly ridiculous habit of grabbing a handful of cashews or biting into a cookie, or opening a coffee cake package?

I became aware of the fact that I had begun to eat a bagel with cheese every morning.  This concept of eating ‘breakfast’ seemed necessary as the conventional ‘wisdom’  dictated that it was the most ‘important meal of the day’   I began to skip this routine, drinking coffee alone.  And lo and behold, I found my compulsion to grab anything in site….controlled.  I might look to take some nuts or cookies as before.  But this time I could easily ignore the habit and move on.

Now what was happening to me?  Perhaps it was the curse of the carbos.  Perhaps I was not riding a roller coaster of blood sugar which allowed me to resist what had been irresitible before. 

I was strangley pleased, yet also disturbed by the thought.  Where was my free will? Where was my ability to make rational choices?  Why had eating a bagel rendered me a mindless automaton?

Perhaps free will was less ‘free’ after all.

It makes you wonder….

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