My understanding of the concept of healing includes the notion of acquiring wisdom and knowledge. This fits the Kabbalistic concept of tikkun in which we are incomplete and engaged in our life’s meaning–the healing of ourselves and the world around us.

If we were to be completely aware, wise, knowledgeable, compassionate, kind, loving and at peace, we would be advanced seekers on a metaphysical path towards HEALING.

Ignorance is a form of incompleteness, of unfulfilled potential. When we learn, we grow, become more complete, stretch ourselves and engage in the process of fulfilling who we are. When we labor under false assumptions, when we dwell in hatred, envy, jealousy and despair, we are in a fractured state. 

As long as there remains knowledge and wisdom that we have not acquired, we are incomplete, un-whole.
Since  to heal means to make whole , acquiring knowledge is a method of healing.

We experience the daily fluctuations of wisdom and folly, of becoming whole, of becoming fragmented and incomplete. Hopefully, the net result of a life well lived is to leave this world more aware, more knowledgeable than we entered it–in other words, further along the path of healing.

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