The metaphysical perspective can bring novel points of awareness to even the most ordinary or well-known aspects of life and culture. I am curious to read any comments/thoughts.

The children’s simple rhyme ROW,ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT takes on an interesting twist when it is viewed from a deeper perspective.

ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM…….. Life requires the will and desire to participate in the journey. Rowing implies an active role in the process. But the phrase also indicates that there is a certain flow that appears in one’s life which accepts the action.  Struggle needs to be limited and directed in the right direction and the right time. The correct path should seem like it ‘works’. This may require acceptance of what one cannot change. This allows for the gentle passage into the future.

MERRILY, MERRILY, MERRILY, MERRILY….LIFE IS BUT A DREAM…….One can adopt a positive attitude during life’s journey. The passage to happiness/serenity is the mind’s work. It is not something objective or distinct from how we view our lives with all its imperfections.
The reality of our own life, the importance we place in our ability to control our own destiny and that of others needs to be relaxed. The importance we place in our own achievement, success, accomplishments is at times misdirected. This one life is a ‘survival weekend’ in the scheme of multiple lifetimes and of eternity. It is a dream whose implications are important but ultimately ephemeral.


  1. You are so right and I can detect you are a big thinker and highly evolved Soul.
    If you take the same big picture view of other every day items like Mobile Phones and the phenomenal growth of Social Networking Sites; you suddenly see why they are so popular.
    When we are living as Spiritual Beings rather than Humans; we communicate instantly with thoughts and share experiences in the same manner. Today Mobile Phones give us a technology similar to that which we have at a Spiritual level and we desire as humans. The same is true with knowing the experiences of others. Just a thought to ponder.
    With Love
    Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments
    Metaphysical Institute

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