The Randy Pausch’s death has stirred within the hearts of millions an enormous communal sense of loss. His dying touched us much more than his life itself because he challenged our cultural practice of denying the reality of death by forcing us to face its reality.

The power of his message was as profound as it was simple–1] appreciate and beauty and value of every moment of life, 2] don’t be afraid to speak of death, it is the two ton elephant in the room, 3] love and connection with others is the only truly valuable asset any of us have.

His own professional and/or financial success meant little to him in those waning months of life. Death has a way of showing us the values that are real and enduring.

The power of contemporary communications merely allowed his message to be widely disseminated. The  response it drew was testimony to its impact and resonance.

The most appropriate way in which to honor Randy is in assimilating and manifesting his message.

Let us hope that our feelings and state of mind does not dissipate over time.  Perhaps there will be a foundation created in his memory which will  continue his powerful message.

Only in this way will the enormous and heroic effort he undertook as he was dying enliven and empower our living.

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