Another personal experience of high credibility came to my attention quite recently. As evidenced by a recent plethora of these tales on this blog, they often do arrive in groups.

The following was from one of my patients Mary who described the experience of her future son-in-law Mike in Iraq.  He was about to jump out of his bunk in order to join a group of soldiers bound for a mission.  He described himself being ‘held down’ by an unknown but powerful ‘man’ whom he had never seen before.

Mike described the individual as wearing particular clothing, a tee shirt with a police insignia, black shorts and black sneakers.  The man said nothing but forcibly kept him from rising from his bunk.  He was finally released as the stranger mysteriously disappeared. It was too late to join his companions.

He later learned that several were killed and wounded.

Eventually returning to the States and arriving at Mary’s home Mike described the bizarre events.
My patient immediately understood and showed him a family album.

Shocked, he immediately pointed to a picture of a man he had never seen before–‘Oh my God, that’s him!!!  That’s the man that held me down so that I couldn’t fight with my buddies.’

Mary smiled, ‘That’s a picture of My father, Joe. When you describe him and what he was wearing I knew it was him.  He was a former cop and always worked out in exactly that outfit your described. And just like him, he was just trying to protect you!!!  I guess he did.!!!’

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