The following fits the category of an EEA, an extraordinary experience of awareness. It is an after-death communication [ADC] with a particularly compelling feature, two separate individuals shared some aspect of it.

The story,told to me by David, involved the death of his grandfather Sam. His own father, Joe was a skeptic of the first order–seeing is believing, no such thing as life after death.

Joe was staying overnight in his parent’s home after his father’s death. He stood in the kitchen preparing breakfast when he believed he ‘saw’ his deceased father Sam looking in at him from one of the kitchen windows.

Shocked, he blinked and then the vision was gone.  He questioned the episode although he later admitted that it was crystal clear and totally real.  He would never have mentioned it to anyone except his mother later came down to the kitchen and related the following:

‘I had the most amazingly clear dream.  You were standing here in the kitchen, and Pop was staring in at your through that window.’

Of course she pointed to the exact window through which Joe saw his departed Dad.

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