I was recently moved by an email I received from a reader of this blog who was affected by my posting on how to help others and still protect yourself.

His personal tragedy involved the sudden catastrophic illness of his young wife and the emotional roller coaster he has ridden even since.  The extreme sadness and depression he was known is made worse by his feelings of guilt over continuing his life, in some ways, without her by his side.

The point of the posting was to emphasize that each of us must find our own  way in this lifetime regardless of how powerful our love is for another soul. Our own physical, mental and spiritual health must be maintained because we may find ourselves so weakened by this tragedy that we may become sick, incapacitated or even die and of no help to our loved-one.

This thought seemed to lift his feelings of guilt and will hopefully allow him to maintain his own state of health throughout his ordeal.

In my response to him I noted that this tragedy has very likely made him more empathetic and compassionate towards others. His strength and love becomes a powerful example for all who know him.

In this sense his own suffering is not in vain for it offers healing to those who may be similarly afflicted.

In many ways, we touch others…..more than we know.

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