Woody, I have always been an enormous fan of yours. I believe that you are one of the most important creative talents in the history of American film.  But it continues to sadden me that you suffer so deeply over the nature of metaphysical reality.

I would love to sit with you and talk.  I, too, was an atheist, a nihilist about the nature of life and the oblivion of death.  I was never as deeply angst ridden as you, but nonetheless I totally understand your position.

Because of my transformation of consciousness, I feel that I might be of some help to you.

Yes, I do believe in a spiritual dimension to reality. I do believe we possess a soul which pre-existed this incarnation and continues into future ones.  I do believe that life is difficult–but for a deeper purpose and reason.  I do believe that suffering is an inevitability but that we can do much to overcome it.  I do believe that our minds, our paradigms of reality can change the quality of our lives and those around us. 

I have come to these positions not through mindlessly accepting the precepts of organized religion or some other human being.  They are the result of conscious observation and deliberation–of weighing the evidence that cannot be denied.

I have come to understand that your position is not defensible and that you are suffering needlessly.

We need to talk–and I will even make a house-call.

Steven E Hodes, MD   meta-physician on call

In fact he usually only agrees to interviews in order to promote a new film and one is about to be released which I will certainly see.  His themes and responses are unchanging–life is meaningless suffering, it is awful and painful.  Of course he is an atheist but is ironically superstitious about

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