Another extraordinary experience of awareness [EEA] formerly known as paranornal or spiritual was relayed to me today from a reliable source.  They score very high on the Credibility Quotient [CQ].

In essence the four year old daughter I’ll call Morgan was playing with other young kids inside a VFW hall while their parents were throwing horseshoes outside.  Little Morgan raced out a back door into the midst of the game and was struck on the side of the head by a horseshoe.

Although she bled profusely, had a fractured skull and required many stitches, she had no neurological consequences of the accident.  That was miraculous to say the least.

The next day the four year old proclaimed, ‘good think Popop was there to push me down or I would have been really hurt bad.’

Her Mother couldn’t believe what she was hearing since ‘Popop’ had been death for nearly over three and a half years.  Little Morgan had met him before he died but she was tiny and the family did not speak about him often.

When asked further about him Morgan said.  ‘Didn’t you see him? He was sitting on the wood fence’.

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