Just a quick posting prompted by the prior one in which a nurse described the bloody and upsetting picture of the death of her patient with terminal lung cancer.

Not only did she bleed from her mouth/lung probably as a result of her tumor eroding into these organs, but the cardiac arrest procedure itself can be quite ‘brutal’ and bloody.

This is the reality for some types of death.  For many others, death is like going to sleep.  But we should realize that life and death are not ‘neat’ and sanitized.

Neither is birth itself.  Most of us enter life in a gush of amniotic fluid and blood.  He cough and sputter as we enter the world–some of us do so when leaving it.

What is crucial to keep in mind is when all reasonable efforts have failed,  to allow death to proceed as the natural process that it is.  Vain, well-intentioned attempts to stave it off will only produced more suffering without changing the inevitable.

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