Our universe is imperfect. I noticed a large, dew sprinkled spider’s web this weekend and as the light was ideal I could study it without disturbing it.

It’s pattern of crisscrossing silk was irregular. The spaces between the intersecting pattern were not identical to each other. Yet it was clearly a functional web as demonstrated by the scattered remains of flying insects which had ended their life there.

And so with each one of us.  Even identical twins are not completely the same. Despite identical  DNA, the actual process of their cells dividing and uniting into organs is unique. Their neural pathways develop independently of one another.  Their thinking and opinions are often not the same.

Even inorganic chemical reactions are not identical.  If they were, we would not acknowledge the unique patterns of individual snowflakes.

Yet  this imperfection is the essence of creativity. Without imperfection there would be no innovation. New ideas, works of art, the achievements of science are expressions of the drive to improve what is imperfect. Imperfection is the path towards perfection which exists as a mirage before our eyes.

Without imperfection there would be no mutations and without mutations there could not be evolution.  We are the multi-billion year product of repeated imperfections.

Kabbalsits note that imperfection is a gift to mankind. On a spiritual level, we have inherited an imperfect world with imperfect selves. The opportunity is ours to improve, correct and strive to perfect what we discover.

Imperfection offers permission to all living beings to seek to fulfill their highest potential.  We must accept our inherent inabilities to control the universe, our lives, others, even ourselves.  Our struggle to make perfect what is inherently in process and imperfect is a source of much of our own suffering.

So become aware of the universe which surrounds us. We are imperfect because we are citizens of an imperfect universe.  How we deal with this truth will determine the quality of our existence.   

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