Call it ‘the Secret’ or the ‘Law of Attraction’–a tremendous amount of attention has been paid to the notion that we can create our reality and our future through our positive intentions.

There is no doubt that our intentions, plans, hopes and aspirations are necessary to the fulfillment of our goals in life. What may be missing in the popular presentation of these notions [through books, movies, infomercials]  is the truth that intention is the first step in a two step process.

Kabbalists refer to intention as kavanah and it is imperative that we put our intentions ‘out there’ into the universe– but the fact is we need to follow these intentions with actions.

Positive thoughts are energy.  They do influence higher realms of existence. Kabbalah recognizes four words of which ours is known as ASSIYAH, the world of ACTION.

Higher worlds include YETZIRAH [formation] and BERIYAH [creation]as well as ATZILUT [the highest most spiritual universe of emanation].

Each world is inhabited by spiritual beings of higher ‘refinement’ until the ultimate world, ATZILUT of ‘God or EIN SOF‘ who is unknown and unknowable.

This posting is not meant to be a primer on Kabbalah-merely to emphasize that the world we inhabit, ASSIYAH requires our action in order to function. 

In some sense we are the ‘gods’ of this world.  We can create through our intention what we want to manifest.  But we need to actually DO something in order for this to occur.

The Law of Attraction may work on its own in the higher realms.  But here we have to get down and get dirty.  We need to understand the relationship between intentions and actions if we are to get what we want in this place, the world in which we live.


  1. Very nicely said! I teach and write about the very same thing. In fact, I teach and write about the LOA from a Jewish mystical perspective putting the steps of conscious creations — thinking, feeling, doing — through the very Kabbalistic worlds you mention in your post. They correspond very nicely, in fact. Briah is the world of thought where we focus our thoughts. Yetzirah is the world of feeling, where we combine thoughts and feelings to expereince what it would be like to have manifested our desires. And in Assiyah, we do — we act. This is where we apply force to help bring our desire into physical form, because, as you say, in the physical world we need to apply physical action. We have to do something to get something, as they say.
    Thanks for your posting! I really enjoyed it.
    If you want to see more of what I’ve written, visit my web site, or take a look at my booklet, The Kabbalah of Conscious Creation.

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