A KABBALISITIC MEDITATION–receiving & releasing

Strange how past experiences appear within one’s consciousness without bidding–a true sign.  The message is available to us, if only we are awake enough to recognize it.

From my early exposure to Kabbalah [before I was awake enough to receive it]   I recalled a meditation on "the breath".  It involves simply being aware of the transitory nature of existence. 

The meditation derives from a Kabbalistic / Talmudic discussion regarding why God created man to breathe in and out  rather than passively exchange respiratory gases like a tree.  That would have been so much easier and less risky since if our breathing is interrupted for more than a few moments, we literally die.

"Exactly!!–this is the Divine Intention" is the answer.  We should be aware of the precarious and precious nature of existence from breath to breath. 

Kabbalists teach that the universe exists from moment to moment only because of God [Ein Sof’s] intention that it do so. Therefore, the universe could simply evaporate without the Divine Will intending it to continue to exist.

During the inhale, we should keep our minds on the notion that God is intending us to live in that moment. Although we feel that we are doing the breathing, in fact God is willing us to receive the breath of life.  We should be joyous in that thought.  Each breath, therefore, is a gift of life from God.

On the exhale we need to be aware that we are releasing ourselves to God. We are giving up our life in that one exhale. We are relinquishing all control.  We are shattering the illusion that we can control the chaos of existence.

In that release we find peace, Shalom.  We give up struggling against what we can never conquer. In releasing to God we surrender for the moment. Since that moment is all that exists–we die.

In the next inhale we are restored to life by God’s will. We recognize the folly of our ego–of our insistence that the Universe bend to our wishes. We also release our fear, our fear that the universe [our personal universe] will spin out of control if we are not vigilant 24-7.

We are  participants in the creative process of existence.  We need only recognize our limited ability to control the chaos.   

It is a simple but powerful meditation.

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