sexuality for the metaphysician

Perhaps a strange, even sacreligious topic on this most Holy of holidays but I feel it is aways appropriate to discuss various aspects of living in this world of action [Assiyah, in Kabbalistic doctrine]. One of the most complex and confusing issue for the metaphysical seeker of spiritual
truth and evolution–what is the role of sexuality in this process?

Should one regard the sexual impulse as an 'evil' or degenerate threat to spiritual evolution or as a normal, expected, even welcomed aspect of human existence.

I find one of the Kabbalistic interpretations of the sexual impulse quite remarkable and reasonable. The question arises: how does one react to a sexual impulse while praying in synagogue on the High Holidays?  The response is worthy of consideration:  Firstly,  do not feel guilty, sinful or degraded.

Regard your response as a gift from God.  See it as representing the force that is universal throughout the physical universe–sexuality is built into our DNA. Regard this feeling as a spiritual one.  Honor it without acting on it.  This does not make you a sinner or degenerate. In fact, thank God for the pleasure of the thought and honor this aspect of living.

It has been said that we are God's taste buds in the physical world, the vehicle through with God experiences his Creation.  In that way we spiritualize sexuality and, therefore, raise it to be appreciated and honored.  It is the intention and awareness that we bring to all aspects of living that make all aspects of our life an opportunity for gratitude and blessing.

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