What do I mean by 'metaphysical orphan' and why should you care?
This is the notion that for most of the history of humanity, we relied on religious mythology
to provide us with examples of behavior [and misbehavior] of heroic figures and and way to
judge our own deeds–good or bad.

For those of us who have abandoned much of this myth, we find ourselves without the templates of such Biblical characters by which we could evaluate our own failings.  Biblical figures such as Abraham, Isaac, Lot, Moses, Noah, David and a slew of others were often guilty of sinful acts.
Of course they received divine punishment of one form or another.  And despite their imperfection, they were deemed spiritually elevated beings.

Our imperfections could be understood to be more typical human failings, shared by others of our kind, including the more revered characters of our Holy books and myths.  It took the emphasis away from our personal failure and directed into more universal weakness.

The influential therapist Carl Jung who broke from his mentor Freud on several key points is quoted as having said, 'when we don't mythologize we pathologize' .   By this he meant that when we can't relate our own difficulties and failings to the characters of our mythology, we tend to turn these failings inward–and manifest physical and emotional signs of disease.

Those of us who are 'metaphysical orphans' can ponder that notion a bit.


  1. Our interpretation of events such as those you mention are often misguided like yours when you call these religious mythology.
    The mythology is usually our collective interpretation based upon good and evil and our judgements concerning this misconceived concept.
    With Love
    Ian Stone – Founder of HEART Energy Healing System
    Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments,
    Metaphysical Institute –
    Metaphysical Institute Blog –

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