FINANCIAL CRISIS — adversity and transformation

No one asks for adversity.  No reasonable individual looks forward to suffering.  Yet as sure as we are human beings, it will find us.  Specifically the issue at hand is the financial crisis.  Analysts have been going back and forth over the causes and consequences.  Clearly 'brilliant' minds were asleep at the switch.  The cause may ultimately be good old 'greed' but the facts remain.  We're all in trouble—personally and globally.

One consequence of all of this is–we must face the reality and deal with it the best we can.  I means spending less, working harder, accepting more stress.  It means finding more time for people we care about and less time buying, spending, purchasing and chasing materialism.

This is not necessarily good for an economy which many declare needs more consumer spending to get it jump started.  Its a 'catch 22'.  Who has the money to do what is 'needed ?'

Facing up to the adversity may cause us to transform our attitudes and priorities.  In the 'good old days' when we had less, we did more with family and friends.

Perhaps we will bring back the 'house party'.  It's more about who you're with than how much you have.  Perhaps there will be some benefit to this suffering after all.

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