I am reporting on my talk to the congregation of Temple Shalom in Aberdeen, NJ last Friday night November 21.  The topic was Overcoming Adversity and was a part of the congregation's weekend dedicated to healing and community. I want to thank  Dr Steven Kairys who had been my contact person for this talk and chairs their Caring Committee. He kindly introduced me to the congregation and I spoke without notes for about 20 to 25 minutes.

This format is both frightening and exhilarating.  I have come to trust the process, that I will be able to speak to the audience from an authentic and heart-felt perspective.  I would like those in attendance to feel that I am speaking to them personally, as if one on one. I actually enjoy the organic and improvisational nature of this format.  I can never quite sure what will happen, but I feel that I will be 'directed' to say what should be spoken.

I met a number of extremely warm and appreciative members of the congregation and was pleased with their reaction.  One man in particular approached me wearing a cut black ribbon.  It is the Jewish symbol of someone still in mourning.  He introduced himself as a former patient of mine [I had not seen him in years which might  have accounted for me not recognizing him].  Despite his recent loss of his wife, he was smiling.  He turned to his adult son and daughter-in-law briefly then back to me.  "You were speaking about her, about my wife" he said.  He turned again  and the two nodded with damp eyes.  " When you spoke, we all thought about my wife.  Thank you so much."

I was speechless but thanked him for attending.  " I'm glad that you found my talk helpful" I think I said.  Then I said something to the effect that we are all there to help heal each other, even if we don't realize that we are doing so."

This was a special moment for me.  I have always suspected that some of my words are coming as much 'through' me as 'from' me.  I believe this gentlemen gave me the gift of awareness.  He demonstrated one of the Kabbalah's most powerful metaphors.  Tikkun or healing is ALWAYS a mutual experience.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a metaphysical process.

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