This is not about politics but about the political process [however slow and painful at times].

Our system, as imperfect as it is, allows change and even transformation to occur without chaos and bloodshed.  It is to be honored and appreciated. 

In historical terms the election of an African-American man to the presidency is remarkable and the rest of the world can jusitifiably look to this Country with admiration for its ability to transcend its own past injustices.

 I pray this event will contribute greatly to what should be the goal of all humanity and the message of Martin Luther King-to judge and evaluate every being as an individual without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc.

While this may be an idealistic goal–without dreaming their can be no progress.

We all understand the difficulty of his mission. We may have had individual disagreements with Obama’s past and with his  proposals for the future.  Hopefully the power and prestige of the office will temper his judgments in the years ahead and I pray that Higher Wisdom and love guide us all.

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