ELMS & THE VORTEX: a poem of Central Park


                                          THE ELMS KNOW WHAT I FEEL

                                          OF ALL TREES IN THE  PARK

                                          THEY REVEAL THE TRUE NATURE OF

                                          THE UNSEEN SPIN

                                          THIS PLACE IS

                                          A VORTEX SITE
                                         AND AS I KNOW IT IN MY HEART
                                         THEY DISPLAY  IT IN THEIR  FORM

                                         THEIR BRANCHES TWISTING AND SPLAYED

                                         AS IF DANCING  TO  A CONSTANT INVISIBLE WIND

                                         REFLECTING WHAT OTHER BEINGS ONLY SUSPECT

                                         SOME PRIMORDIAL PULL

                                         WHICH DRAWS ALL  IN

                                        AND WHISPERS OF HIDDEN TRUTHS
                                        FOR WORDS CANNOT CAPTURE
                                        WHAT THE ELMS ALREADY KNOW

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