ADCs [after death communication] and Personal Transformation

Do you believe in the reality of ADCs ?  Readers of my blog and book know that I do.  Although by nature a skeptic who questions everything, my research into the personal extraordinary experiences of otherwise normal, ordinary individuals has provided me with evidence that has left me no other option than to concede that such experiences are true communications with a spiritual dimension.

  The entire issue, obviously, has enormous metaphysical implications.  Clearly this points to the reality of the soul, the continuation of consciousness after physical death and an entire unseen universe which surrounds each one of us. It is impossible  to experience life, death and the adversities of daily living without this greater awareness.  Life is never the same once this concept takes hold in your consciousness.  It can change your life.

I recent experience with a young man is worth exploring.  I was just recently at the funeral of a very dear friend's father.  We are more like family than merely friends with this entire family and I had an opportunity to speak with one of his grandsons.  I know this young man for most of his life but only see him once or twice a year when his family visits the Jersey shore.  I know that he has had a troubled past with difficulties in issues of substance abuse and self-esteem.

Knowing my own interests [his parents have read my book and I have discussed such issues with them] he approached me after his grandfather's death and before the funeral.  'I feel him around me', he said.  'I know he's with me'.  'It's an incredible feeling.  It will change me forever'.
He also related to me that a close friend had just died from a drug overdose and he was still deeply shaken by that loss as well.

Over the next 48 hrs he had several other extraordinary experiences which would be considered ADCs.  While he was delivering a short eulogy at the funeral, we all witnessed the lights blink.  He called me excitedly the next day to tell me that he asked his Grandfather for a 'sign', and saw a plastic bag 'move' several inches.  He also had an experience of a flashing light when he returned to the cemetery the day after the funeral. 

He was extremely energized by these experiences and seemed to crave more.  I told him to be especially grateful by having them, that they are real and extraordinary, but to not obsess over them.  I told him to 'let them go' and to understand the next steps in his life.

Rather than to look for the next ADC, he should use this new awareness to change the direction and trajectory of his life. ' Live life the way your Grandpa would have wanted you to', I told him . ' Be aware that he is around you and take that knowledge and strength with you.'  'That is the greatest gift you could give to him and to yourself.'

Now I am not so naive to be absolutely certain that this young man's life has been transformed by this experiences.  But I do believe he has been given a tremendous opportunity to do so.  I will be in touch with him as time goes by.  We can only hope that it will.

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