I had hoped that I would no longer have to be appalled by those absurd, annoying and outrageous Joe Kennedy adds supporting the subsidized oil from 'our  good friends from Venezuela.

I had hoped that the precipitous drop in the price of oil would have ended this nonsense, would have chastened Chavez to take care of his country's own problems. Instead, he has played the Adolph-pretender by insisting on trashing any semblance of democracy and attacking the country's small Jewish population.

Perhaps I had hoped that Joe Kennedy would have taken his tainted money from this most despicable despot, dictator and just disappeared.

Perhaps I had hoped that he would have recalled the price his family has paid for the bad karma of grandpa Joe as well as some other Kennedys, and become quickly enlightened.

I will not provide a list of tragedies that has  befallen his family members.  They are well known and do not rejoice in anyone's sufferings.  But if there is any doubt about the power of karma, just recall some of them, silently and solemnly.

But no—today I saw another commercial for the "Citizen's Emergency Committee"–pathetically offering to help unfortunate Americans whose own government could not be there for them.  Of course  it is a sham, of course it is outrageous.  We should be up in arms about it.

But of all people–Joe Kennedy should be aware of the power of  bad  karma.   The universe will balance itself, after all.

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