A SCENT OF PERFUME–an ADC [after death communication]

Just the other day I was stopped by a woman Carole who works in one the hospitals I make rounds at.  I know her well. She's had rather extraordinary experiences in the past which I recount in my book. She could not wait to tell me what had just happened. This experience occurred shortly after her daughter Joyce's  recent death.

Apparently, Joyce who was about 40 years old, died after a two year struggle with ovarian cancer.  Joyce  was someone who had always greatly  appreciated perfume, but had to give it up because  chemotherapy had altered her sense of smell.  She could no longer even tolerate its presence.

Several days after the funeral, she and her other daughter Sue were standing in the kitchen, speaking of Joyce.  An overwhelming scent of perfume struck them both.  It was so powerful that they searched for an overturned or broken perfume bottle.  None, of course, was present.  They looked at each other.  Both had tears of joy.  They 'knew' that Joyce was giving them a sign that she was still around them.

The following day, Joyce's daughter Mindy who had not been present when the other two women had smelled the perfume, entered the kitchen and proclaimed, "whose wearing such strong perfume?"  Neither Carole nor Sue had said anything to Mindy about the day before.   And they could not smell anything whatsoever while Mindy obviously did.

What do we make of such occurrences?   For me they are merely additional evidence that consciousness, a soul, survives bodily death.  Those who have passed on  sometimes offer us signs, messages that we need to recognize.  It is added metaphysical understanding and reassurance that life, all  of our lives, have a depth and meaning which transcends death.

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