A quick posting before returning to USA– I´m pondering the relationship between the meaning of words and how our minds create our own realities.  It is clear to me that our language does effect our thoughts and our thoughts effect our feelings, our perspective on reality.

Take the four letter world EASE.  The word sets up a feeling, a connotation of peace, harmony even happiness within our mind. We believe that to live in a state of EASE would be desirable. The lack of EASE becomes what Buddhists call suffering.  DIS–EASE is another term for suffering.  We can visualize the etymology of the word DISEASE as being associated with suffering on multiple levels besides physical illness–emotional, mental and spiritual as well.

Yet life is undeniably filled with DIS–EASE as well as DISEASE.  Suffering is universal, but not inevitable. It does not have to be seen as punishment or part of a nihilistic and pessimistic world view.

There is power in the capacity to CHOOSE how you interpret your own individual life, how you regard the suffering and DIS–EASE as well as the DISEASE.  Many individuals have gained wisdom and understanding, not by choosing to suffer but by their choice on how to view their suffering.

DIS–EASE  and how we deal with it can teach us compassion for other beings–a powerfully healing perspective to choose.

Once again, language can help.  If EASE and DIS–EASE are connected.  Why not convert DIS–EASE back to EASE via adding the letters REL as a prefix.  REL–EASE the painful attachments that lead us from EASE to DIS–EASE.  Choose to see suffering as part of the learning and growth that effects all living beings. 

Of course few of us seek to suffer.  There is no shortage of that commodity.  We can choose how attached or trapped we become. We can choose to REL–EASE the suffering after we have learned what lesson and challenge it has offered us.

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